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TempLogger "A Roto Moulders Dream Tool"

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About Us

Roto Solutions is a research and development company that provides innovative solutions for the rotomoulding process, continually exploring the boundaries of rotomoulding. We strive to help moulders improve the quality of products and at the same time increase profits! We have worked with more than 400 Rotational Moulding customers in over 60 countries around the world.

Founded in 2004 and based in Hout Bay in South Africa, Roto Solutions has a wealth of experience in the Roto Moulding field including design and manufacturing of a diverse and wide range of Roto Moulded and other plastic products since 1979.

Gary Lategan the founder and owner of Roto Solutions has just celebrated 35 years in the the Rotational Moulding industry. The first 28 years were as a Roto-Moulder and the last 10 years as a Consultant to hundreds of Roto Moulders globally.

Roto Solutions is a proud member of ARMSA, Association of Rotaitonal Moulders of Southern Africa and ARMO, Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organisations, the official world body of Rotational Moulding, comprised of 12 Rotational Moulding Associations.

RotoProfit - Consultancy Service >> More

From the factory floor to the customer, every business has the ability to become leaner, meaner and more profitable. In today’s business climate, this is more important than ever before. Roto Solutions will help you to improve your bottom line.

Now includes Thermal Imaging and AirFlow testing and report to assist with energy savings!

RotoProfit the way forward so why wait - Contact us today.

Additional programs Simple but Smart Rotational Moulding, Back to Basics

Temperature monitoring and control - A Roto Moulder's Dream Tool >> More

TempLogger™ is a rotomoulding temperature monitoring and control system, capable of 24 x 7 continuous monitoring with no practical time limits and requiring minimal intervention in a production environment.

TempLogger™ gives you the ability to MEASURE, CONTROL and IMPROVE the moulded products plus machine heating and cooling cycles, thereby allowing you to effectively manage the rotational moulding production cycle in the least time. TempLogger™ can be used for R&D while in production or as a standalone monitor.

"RotoRelease" for up to 10000 Release with the same finish >> More

Roto Solutions also produces RotoRelease which is an excellent internal release agent giving over 10,000 releases for most polymers used in rotational moulding.

For the North American market
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